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Endoscopy &
    Laproscopy Treatment

Gastroscopic treatment of stomach disorders done in the followin situation:
  •     Remedies on scales, burns, indigestion, loss of appetite, loss of weight.

  •     Emergency measures on going out of toilets and reversal of blood (Sclerotherapy/Banding).

  •     Endoscopic foreign body Removal

  •     Cancer Diagnosis & Treatment

  •     Dilatation

  •     Stenting

Laparoscopy-without Stitches surgery

The following surgeries can be successfully performed with laparoscopy:

  •     Diagnosing old stomach and abdominal cancer .

  •     Removal of appendix.

  •     Gallbladder removal.

  •     Cancer Diagnosis & Treatment

  •     Removal of uterus- Hysterectomy

  •     Removal of ovaries cysts

  •     Hernia Surgery.

  •     Family Planning Surgery.

Benefits of Laparoscopy surgery

The following are the benefits of laparoscopy include:

  •     Pain is too small or no pain due to the wounds being too small.

  •     Pain killers require less as the pain decreases. As a result, its side effects are reduced.

  •     After 6 to 8 hours, the patient can drink water and eat foods Saline expenditure reduces.

  •     You can start work early.

  •     Patient can do all usual activities like goint to school, playing outdoor games, wrestling, bicycling, lifting weight can all be done as before.

  •     A more detailed microscopic examination can also be seen the stomach did not burst. Diagnosis is quick and easy.

  •     There are less chances of adhesions The possibility of getting all of the next complications and the possibility of hernia is very less.